I do? You do? We do!

Because of social restrictions in this pandemic, many couples has postponed or cancelled their wedding. And we’ve heard that some also found trouble in planning a plan B in this uncertain situation.

A few weeks after, the government gave a yellow light for couples who still want to hold their matrimony. Why is it yellow? Not green? Because there’s a limit of 10 person who can attend it. By the count in our (ten) fingers, documentation team won’t be included in this occasion. So how can you, couples, get their decisive moments immortalised? Phone cameras? That’s an idea, but won’t everyone there wants to be present for you?

By the end of March, Mbak Roro of Adhyakti Wedding approached us and shared similar thoughts, she was preparing a solution for couple who wants to hold their marriage in this special time. By curating vendors from MCs to Live streaming service, she was preparing an intimate wedding with a live streaming service, that means you get to invite your initial list of guests and have all of them in your wedding (virtually) 😉 How awesome is that?! We promptly said,”YES, we do!”. Before she even throw the question haha!

In short, ask Mbak Roro or Peter from Adhyakti Wedding for an offer, because we are in league with them, together with Sentra Bunga decoration, La Oficio entertainment, Nusa Cendana catering, Table and Tray, Fleudelys catering, Ellelui projects, Journal portraits, Le Motion, and Toolus, to be part in your intimate wedding, which will then be broadcasted to your lovely invited (virtual) guests. Again, how awesome is that?! Green light? You do!

*Sorry, we get too excited.

See you soon!